Sibu Home

Sibu is a European manufacturer specializing in interior cladding and finishes. The Sibu program consist of 10 different groups of products, which have been specially developed for interior applications and are available in a wealth of different color's and design variations.

  • Deco Line
  • Acrylic Line
  • Antigrav
  • Leather Line
  • MultiStyle
  • Punch Line (3D)
  • SibuGlas
  • Structure Line
  • Translucent Line
  • Wood Line

Wallpaper Home

All wallpapers are manufactured in Europe as a high quality, washable, colorfast product. Our wallpaper is sold in rolls of 10m length x 50cm width. Our wallpapers are fashionable, and our variety caters to every taste, style and requirement.

  • Cities and Landscapes
  • Contemporary
  • Kids
  • Murals
  • Nature and Floral
  • Plain
  • Stone
  • Stripes
  • Traditional
  • Vintage
  • Wood